Getting Dental Leads in Competitive Markets

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Marketing determines the success of any business, and the dental practice is no exception.
If you’re running a dental clinic, you’ll need to see at least 24-50 patients a month. Well, to attract these patients to your facility, you’ll need to offer convenient quality services, competitive prices and competitive products. A concrete dental marketing strategy is essential.

When planning on how to market your practice, SWOT analysis should be your starting point. It’s a simple structured way to determine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Once you determine the positioning of your core dental marketing strategy, you’ll be able to use the best lead generation system for your dental practice.

Use the Patient Referral Bonus System

If you run established dental care, over 70 per cent of your new patients’ needs to originate from internal patients referrals. Well, the truth is, your patients don’t see your dental facility as a growing business in constant search of new patients. How then do you make them refer new patients to you?

Choose to offer a referral bonus program.

Use a simple motivation to encourage your current patients to refer others to buy your dental products. The bonus may include a reduction in the rates they pay or a completely free dental product.

The program allows your patients to enjoy the services you offer. It also endears them to your products.

If you want to make it even more useful, incentivize your current employees and motivate them to improve services in all operations.

Identify Your Target Audience

If you want to generate leads to your dental facility, you’ll need to identify the right audience that you can build trust with. For instance, you should strive to target women in your marketing.

Women make more than 90 per cent of all dental buying decisions. They make an informed decision for their families and especially children. To them, dental care is a service rather than a product. If they don’t get it, they won’t hesitate to move to the next dentist.
When creating your adverts, you need to choose the message to use carefully and one that reaches your target audience.

Create an Offer that Beats Your Competition

If you want your dental practice to flourish, you need to watch your market. Know your competitors. Don’t advertise a $70 where three practitioners are offering similar services at $50.

Remember, your patients only need quality services offered at a convenient time. For instance, weekend availability, before-and-after school appointments and a one-visit treatment.

If you can manage these, the patients will love your services and even offer referrals to their friends and relatives.

Well, you can take it a notch higher. Consider being thorough with the people you hire to work in your facility. You’ll need an attentive receptionist who receives patients, keenly listens to them and offers help where they may be stuck. These are small practices that can make or break your enterprise.

Web Presence and Patients Review

Well, the most significant percentage of your new patients should come from referrals from your existing patients. However, these patients will exercise their discretion to decide whether they will look you up online.

If they do, what will they see?

How does your site look like? Is there any review by any of your patients? Is the review genuine? Are people writing reviews of your products and services?

These are some details that your potential clients will be looking for online.
Well, to make the best marketing impression, use high caption photos. Regularly post quality content on your website. Review and update the content that may be running obsolete.

Ensure that the site is user-friendly. Well, at times people fear to visit a dentist, dissuade this by providing a user-friendly website and a friendlier photo.

Get In Touch With the Community

Your primary target should consist of clients residing close to your premises. That said, it’s crucial that your practice gets a favorite community image.

If you want to woo the community members of your dental facility, you’ll need to participate in numerous community activities. Where possible sponsor some events that they engage in. In the process, you’ll get a chance to interact and network with potential dental patients.

Remember, the single marketing idea is to retain your current client base while generating new patients. Use these strategies to make new leads to your firm.