Can You Make Money Online Without A Website?

Creating a website requires a lot of time, effort and resources. Before, you could make money from your website you need to choose a domain, set up your hosting, design your website, do all kinds of optimization, and test your website.

However, for newbies, there is a lot of opportunities on the internet these days that you can earn money without creating a website. Here are 6 ways on how to make money online without a website:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way through which you can promote other people’ product and in return, you earn a commission. If the product gets sold, you are a percentage of commission from the owner of the product. There are a lot of people who use the blog to earn from affiliate marketing by adding the affiliate links on their contents. However, you can also earn from affiliate marketing without owning a blog. It is the best way to earn money with zero investment and you can use your social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest to earn money.

Here are ways through which you can earn from affiliate marketing without a website

  • Facebook-  Create a Facebook group from with a few of your friends and grow it from there. You can post affiliate links on your Facebook group. Do not spam them just by posting affiliate links in the group, instead, post useful content or posts to increase engagement. You may also create a Facebook page. It is a great way to promote your affiliate links. If you will have consistency in posting useful posts for your audience, you’ll more likely to gain more and more audience.
  • Youtube- If you’re not good at writing content, make use of YouTube. YouTube has become the second largest search engine. Start a YouTube channel and talks about your area of interest. Focus on solving the problems of people. If you give the solution, you are likely to get more and more sales.Research what is trending and what you are actually good about. One of the most popular ways to earn money from YouTube through affiliate marketing is reviewing the product. Before buying any product, people are most likely want to know the suggestion of t=other, they want to know the pros and cons of others and if you are giving them, you’re going to have a good number of audience resulting in more sale. Therefore, start making videos on reviewing the product or services.

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  • Create an ebook- If you think you are a good writer, create an ebook. However, It does take time. You may create an ebook on a specific topic of 40-50 pages and include affiliate links. Remember, your ebook must provide value to the customer. If your ebook has enough information, people will find it useful and share it with others.


2. Article writing

Article writing is another way to earn money without making any investment. You should have a good internet connection and a laptop to complete the job. There are many companies who are looking for new and unique content for their blog and website. To become a good article writer, you must possess good writing skills and you must be good at exploring information from the internet. You will get paid according to the word requirement and quality. There are various through which you can get article writing jobs such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Craigslist or through your network. You might also find Facebook groups where people post their requirements.

3. Sell photos online

Do you enjoy taking photos of the places around you? Then you can start earning money by selling them online. The best thing about selling photos online is you don’t need to get any special training or any website. There are a lot of opportunities. There are many stock photography websites who are looking for high-quality photos and they can pay you a good amount the more photos you sell. As long as you provide them the highest standard of photos, you can earn a decent amount of money.

Many bloggers and companies use stock photos for their posts, website, brochure, advertisement etc. They use these stock photos instead of hiring professional photographers. Some of the stock photography websites where you can sell stock photos are Shutterstock, Getty images, Pixabay, Adobe stock, Sunsplash, Flickr, Freerange Stock, Morguefile, Picography,, StockSnap, and much more.

4. Offer virtual assistant services

A virtual assistant helps the owner in their day to day online work such as organizing and responding to emails, research, data entry, maintaining a calendar, scheduling meeting, manage contact list and customer database, bookkeeping, Prepare, and send out an email newsletter, handle inquiries of client by phone or email, make travel arrangements, manage billing and accounting and so on.

Professional bloggers need a virtual assistant to do their work, for instance, creating content for social media, managing their social media accounts, replying to comments, finding out the content of their social media posts, updating blog posts on WordPress etc. There are other works which you can offer as a virtual assistant such as create images for sharing on social media, design and schedule pins on Pinterest, brainstorm with new blog post ideas, create a content calendar, design and create an email newsletter, and so on..

5. Sell your products online

For selling products online does not require any website. Gone are those when to sell any product you have to create a website. Nowadays there are many websites such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy where you can sell your stuff online and earn money. Some of the websites where you can sell your products are:

  • Amazon- Selling on Amazon will benefit you in many ways, such as you will get a huge amount of traffic, with Fulfilled by Amazon, you don’t have to not worry about the packing and shipping of the products, they handle all storage, packing, and shipping (including free shipping for Amazon Prime members).
  • Ebay- eBay is a worldwide marketplace which is especially great for selling clothing and apparel, electronic gadgets, home decor, books and much more.
  • Etsy- Etsy is a great marketplace for creative people. If you love making creative products, then Etsy is a place for you where you can sell your handmade stuff and earn money.
  • Craigslist- It is another way to sell things locally.

6. Edit videos online

Videos have increasingly become more and more popular. There are people who have raw footage and looking for someone who can convert their raw footage into viral content. If you have the desired skill and the right software, you can make money as a video editor.

Lastly, with so many options available on the internet to make money, don’t keep yourself behind. The primary advantage of utilizing these options are you don’t have to own a website or any other investment. You just need a laptop, a strong internet connection, and skills to get work done.