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Webinarjam Review And Launch of 60 Day Trial

Webinars are all the rage these days.

Login to Facebook or Youtube and you’ll see your favorite Guru selling you a Free Webinar.

These webinars are often a product of Webinarjam – it’s the affordable webinar software that has all the high end features that come with some of the older software products that have been around the block that are a lot higher in costs.

Webinarjam Reviews Are Pouring In

As you see in the featured video on this post, Webinarjam is making a splash amongst digital marketers across all different markets.

Real Estate professionals, lead generation, and coaches all are raving about the power and affordability behind Webinarjam.

The fact is if you’re just starting out, the last thing you want to do is create a lot of unnecessary expenses.

With Webinarjam, you can test it all out while only being out a $1 while you build your business.

You don’t need a website, landing page or any of that other stuff because Webinarjam has all of those features built inside the software.

It’s literally point and click as you see in the video.

What is the Cost of Webinarjam?

Webinarjam has an extremely affordable.  We found the Webinarjam cost to be one of the biggest selling points to the software especially with the launch of the 60 day trial.

Here’s how it works.

For only $1, you can get full access to the entire software for a full 60 days.

After the 60 days is over with, you can continue your membership for only $479 per year.

Can You Make Money Online Without A Website?

Creating a website requires a lot of time, effort and resources. Before, you could make money from your website you need to choose a domain, set up your hosting, design your website, do all kinds of optimization, and test your website.

However, for newbies, there is a lot of opportunities on the internet these days that you can earn money without creating a website. Here are 6 ways on how to make money online without a website:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way through which you can promote other people’ product and in return, you earn a commission. If the product gets sold, you are a percentage of commission from the owner of the product. There are a lot of people who use the blog to earn from affiliate marketing by adding the affiliate links on their contents. However, you can also earn from affiliate marketing without owning a blog. It is the best way to earn money with zero investment and you can use your social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest to earn money.

Here are ways through which you can earn from affiliate marketing without a website

  • Facebook-  Create a Facebook group from with a few of your friends and grow it from there. You can post affiliate links on your Facebook group. Do not spam them just by posting affiliate links in the group, instead, post useful content or posts to increase engagement. You may also create a Facebook page. It is a great way to promote your affiliate links. If you will have consistency in posting useful posts for your audience, you’ll more likely to gain more and more audience.
  • Youtube- If you’re not good at writing content, make use of YouTube. YouTube has become the second largest search engine. Start a YouTube channel and talks about your area of interest. Focus on solving the problems of people. If you give the solution, you are likely to get more and more sales.Research what is trending and what you are actually good about. One of the most popular ways to earn money from YouTube through affiliate marketing is reviewing the product. Before buying any product, people are most likely want to know the suggestion of t=other, they want to know the pros and cons of others and if you are giving them, you’re going to have a good number of audience resulting in more sale. Therefore, start making videos on reviewing the product or services.

    Send your traffic to a landing page with a service like Kartra that you can build in a matter of minutes.

  • Create an ebook- If you think you are a good writer, create an ebook. However, It does take time. You may create an ebook on a specific topic of 40-50 pages and include affiliate links. Remember, your ebook must provide value to the customer. If your ebook has enough information, people will find it useful and share it with others.


2. Article writing

Article writing is another way to earn money without making any investment. You should have a good internet connection and a laptop to complete the job. There are many companies who are looking for new and unique content for their blog and website. To become a good article writer, you must possess good writing skills and you must be good at exploring information from the internet. You will get paid according to the word requirement and quality. There are various through which you can get article writing jobs such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Craigslist or through your network. You might also find Facebook groups where people post their requirements.

3. Sell photos online

Do you enjoy taking photos of the places around you? Then you can start earning money by selling them online. The best thing about selling photos online is you don’t need to get any special training or any website. There are a lot of opportunities. There are many stock photography websites who are looking for high-quality photos and they can pay you a good amount the more photos you sell. As long as you provide them the highest standard of photos, you can earn a decent amount of money.

Many bloggers and companies use stock photos for their posts, website, brochure, advertisement etc. They use these stock photos instead of hiring professional photographers. Some of the stock photography websites where you can sell stock photos are Shutterstock, Getty images, Pixabay, Adobe stock, Sunsplash, Flickr, Freerange Stock, Morguefile, Picography, RGBStock.com, StockSnap, and much more.

4. Offer virtual assistant services

A virtual assistant helps the owner in their day to day online work such as organizing and responding to emails, research, data entry, maintaining a calendar, scheduling meeting, manage contact list and customer database, bookkeeping, Prepare, and send out an email newsletter, handle inquiries of client by phone or email, make travel arrangements, manage billing and accounting and so on.

Professional bloggers need a virtual assistant to do their work, for instance, creating content for social media, managing their social media accounts, replying to comments, finding out the content of their social media posts, updating blog posts on WordPress etc. There are other works which you can offer as a virtual assistant such as create images for sharing on social media, design and schedule pins on Pinterest, brainstorm with new blog post ideas, create a content calendar, design and create an email newsletter, and so on..

5. Sell your products online

For selling products online does not require any website. Gone are those when to sell any product you have to create a website. Nowadays there are many websites such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy where you can sell your stuff online and earn money. Some of the websites where you can sell your products are:

  • Amazon- Selling on Amazon will benefit you in many ways, such as you will get a huge amount of traffic, with Fulfilled by Amazon, you don’t have to not worry about the packing and shipping of the products, they handle all storage, packing, and shipping (including free shipping for Amazon Prime members).
  • Ebay- eBay is a worldwide marketplace which is especially great for selling clothing and apparel, electronic gadgets, home decor, books and much more.
  • Etsy- Etsy is a great marketplace for creative people. If you love making creative products, then Etsy is a place for you where you can sell your handmade stuff and earn money.
  • Craigslist- It is another way to sell things locally.

6. Edit videos online

Videos have increasingly become more and more popular. There are people who have raw footage and looking for someone who can convert their raw footage into viral content. If you have the desired skill and the right software, you can make money as a video editor.

Lastly, with so many options available on the internet to make money, don’t keep yourself behind. The primary advantage of utilizing these options are you don’t have to own a website or any other investment. You just need a laptop, a strong internet connection, and skills to get work done.

Real Estate Investment Clubs – Worth The Effort?

Real Estate Investment clubs are a group of real estate professional who gathered to network and support each other. You can find these clubs locally or online where they meet and allow other professionals and investors to network and learn.

These real estate groups are formed for the individuals whose interest is investing in real estate with the motive to share their experiences and resources. In this era of the Internet and social media, there are so many online real estate investment clubs which you can join from anywhere.

Joining an online real estate investment club provides advantages to not only real estate investors but also for those who want to start investing in real estate and are newbies. Therefore, here are some benefits of joining online real estate clubs.


Just like in other businesses, building and maintaining powerful relationships is very important for the success of your real estate businesses. By joining online real estate investment clubs, you will get to know different people from real estate such as potential buyers & sellers, partners, investment analysts, property managers, accountants, contractors, lawyers and many more.

As a matter of fact, If you’re looking to build a great real estate investment portfolio, then this is your place, here you can meet potential partners who might be willing to invest their money which will help you in achieving financial goals as well as discussing ad strategies. The right partner can help your real estate business grow faster and better.

The great thing about joining online real estate clubs is not only locally, but you can also get connected with real estate professionals around the world. Networking online that will help you in growing your business.

Not to mention being a part of online real estate investment clubs, you can post your property listings, tenant application form, properties for rent and you’ll see exactly how to find real estate investors to flip your homes to.


Meeting with various people of real estate at real estate investment club, you will get to know their experience. Be a part of their intelligent conversation, their success stories, their accomplishment, the challenges they faced, investment risk, ideas & information about rental properties and many more.

Moreover, listening to their stories, you will get an idea about your next move, what you have to do and what not. These are the valuable piece of information which you cannot afford to lose because this will help your business grow by saving time and money.

Getting surrounded by the expertise of your field and learning through their experience is worth joining online real investment clubs.


One of the primary benefits of joining an online real estate investment clubs is education. Keeping yourself ahead in the real estate industry is uber important because in real estate business the prices and trends are constantly changing.

The best way to keep yourself updated is by joining these real estate clubs where you get to know about the investment practices, make yourself familiar with different laws and regulations. In addition to that, you get to understand the market trends and how to take advantages of it.

Furthermore, there are classes, webinars, and training programs organized by real estate clubs where you can learn and enhance your knowledge. However, most real estate clubs also organize events where they host a public speaker or guest speaker who shares their experience.


The most important advantage of being a part of such online real estate investment clubs is that building and maintaining a great network with different real estate people and expertise around the world as these important contacts will help you with best deals.

Primarily, these connections will help you in finding new opportunities and deals faster for your business. Therefore, getting surrounded by these people will surely increase your chance of getting crucial deals.

Trust is equally important in real estate business and for this reason, people want to work with people whom they can trust, thus it is very important for you to be an active member of real estate clubs. Building a great connection with real estate people such as fellow investors, attorneys, mortgage brokers, and real estate agents is essential, you may never know at any point they can have the best deal for you.

Getting Dental Leads in Competitive Markets

Calendar mark with Dentist

Marketing determines the success of any business, and the dental practice is no exception.
If you’re running a dental clinic, you’ll need to see at least 24-50 patients a month. Well, to attract these patients to your facility, you’ll need to offer convenient quality services, competitive prices and competitive products. A concrete dental marketing strategy is essential.

When planning on how to market your practice, SWOT analysis should be your starting point. It’s a simple structured way to determine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Once you determine the positioning of your core dental marketing strategy, you’ll be able to use the best lead generation system for your dental practice.

Use the Patient Referral Bonus System

If you run established dental care, over 70 per cent of your new patients’ needs to originate from internal patients referrals. Well, the truth is, your patients don’t see your dental facility as a growing business in constant search of new patients. How then do you make them refer new patients to you?

Choose to offer a referral bonus program.

Use a simple motivation to encourage your current patients to refer others to buy your dental products. The bonus may include a reduction in the rates they pay or a completely free dental product.

The program allows your patients to enjoy the services you offer. It also endears them to your products.

If you want to make it even more useful, incentivize your current employees and motivate them to improve services in all operations.

Identify Your Target Audience

If you want to generate leads to your dental facility, you’ll need to identify the right audience that you can build trust with. For instance, you should strive to target women in your marketing.

Women make more than 90 per cent of all dental buying decisions. They make an informed decision for their families and especially children. To them, dental care is a service rather than a product. If they don’t get it, they won’t hesitate to move to the next dentist.
When creating your adverts, you need to choose the message to use carefully and one that reaches your target audience.

Create an Offer that Beats Your Competition

If you want your dental practice to flourish, you need to watch your market. Know your competitors. Don’t advertise a $70 where three practitioners are offering similar services at $50.

Remember, your patients only need quality services offered at a convenient time. For instance, weekend availability, before-and-after school appointments and a one-visit treatment.

If you can manage these, the patients will love your services and even offer referrals to their friends and relatives.

Well, you can take it a notch higher. Consider being thorough with the people you hire to work in your facility. You’ll need an attentive receptionist who receives patients, keenly listens to them and offers help where they may be stuck. These are small practices that can make or break your enterprise.

Web Presence and Patients Review

Well, the most significant percentage of your new patients should come from referrals from your existing patients. However, these patients will exercise their discretion to decide whether they will look you up online.

If they do, what will they see?

How does your site look like? Is there any review by any of your patients? Is the review genuine? Are people writing reviews of your products and services?

These are some details that your potential clients will be looking for online.
Well, to make the best marketing impression, use high caption photos. Regularly post quality content on your website. Review and update the content that may be running obsolete.

Ensure that the site is user-friendly. Well, at times people fear to visit a dentist, dissuade this by providing a user-friendly website and a friendlier photo.

Get In Touch With the Community

Your primary target should consist of clients residing close to your premises. That said, it’s crucial that your practice gets a favorite community image.

If you want to woo the community members of your dental facility, you’ll need to participate in numerous community activities. Where possible sponsor some events that they engage in. In the process, you’ll get a chance to interact and network with potential dental patients.

Remember, the single marketing idea is to retain your current client base while generating new patients. Use these strategies to make new leads to your firm.

How to Build an Audience That Will Trust You In A Digital Age

audience loyalty

Trust is such a big word that’s so hard to carry. Being trusted with something is a big responsibility, and losing that trust is another harder issue to fix. That’s how trust is so important.

Trust builds loyalty.

With greater loyalty comes greater brand image.

So, how do we gain our audience trust from our marketing and advertising?

It takes more than just running Facebook or Youtube ads.

Basically we gain it with hard work, integrity, credibility and heart.

If you’re looking to start your own digital marketing agency or if you’re running ads for your own brick and mortar business, then you’ve got to focus on creating marketing campaigns that sell  products or services while also gaining audience loyalty.

In a simpler context, let’s say you got into a company glitch, most of the individuals involved in the issue think you’re on the wrong. But you have a friend, a loyal friend who is unswerving in his or her allegiance with you, that will support and defend you no matter what. With that friend, you can win over the hearts of the other individuals and eventually fix the problem.

The same goes when you have a loyal audience, let’s not hope you’ll reach a point when they have to fight for you, but having them will mean having great supporters, and having unpaid and indirect advertisers that will increase your company’s credibility and reliability.

Have you seen companies that have low customer service ratings float on the web?

Did you see how they fixed the problem? Did they even fix it or did they just sink?

What should you as a marketer do when this happens?

Or better yet, how can you not let this happen? How can you gain a trusting and loyal audience?

Audience Trust

Now, audience trust is the first step to gaining audience loyalty. This is the stage where you exert all types of efforts to have your audience trust you.

Unique Selling Proposition

The first step to gaining audience trust is for you to standout and give something relevant yet unique. This is your unique selling proposition. What can you offer that others can’t? And how important is what you offer? Will what you offer make you stay?

Let’s consider makeup. There are so many makeup brands out there, some aren’t even known yet. But how is it possible for a startup makeup business to boom? It’s because they hold something that sets them apart from the other makeup brands.

Own Voice

You are a fast food company and you have tons of competitors, but you have a voice that makes you reach out and penetrate wider audiences that your competitors can’t. This is your advantage – this means you have a clear vision of having your own voice in the industry. How do I do this? When you know branding and your unique selling proposition, you know how to target your market and with what voice you’re going to use.

Hit them with Content

If you’re still not doing this, you should start. Writing and creating content is the easiest way to tell them your story and your cause.

Go on ahead and reach out to them with your words and the content you create. This way you’ll be able to influence your audience. Make sure that all your content is relevant to who you are as a brand. Don’t just write something because it’s cool.

Make it memorable and don’t be afraid to run Facebook and Google ads to your content.

Engage with them in every way

You have probably been hearing this. Engage with them. Engagement is really key for your audience to feel a sense of affinity between them and your brand. Remember to be true and genuine whenever you engage. Make sure that you will influence them with good and not bad things.

You could engage by simply answering their questions. By doing this you make them feel that their queries matter and that you’d do your best to answer them.

Make sure that when you interact with your audience it will be positive interaction that will uphold your company and your image as the person behind the conversation.

Results matter

In your effort to increase your social media following, it is important to share whatever success you’ve gained with them. Share every type of feedback given by consumers. This will serve as a contribution to researches done about your products. Third party feedback is great because these are real people who were not paid to give the feedback.

Being open to feedback means you’re actively listening to all their concerns. If the feedback given is handled correctly, this will only improve your company image and products or service.

Also, when your community is growing, share it to your audience – let them know they took part in the success and without them, you couldn’t have reached this far.

Show your personality

Some companies fail to show their personality which makes them monotonous and stay in the shadows. But if your company upholds principles, yet it can be as candid, you will definitely shine. Just show your audience how human your company is – you are relate-able, true and you have a heart.

customers loyal

Audience loyalty

Now that you’ve earned your customer trust, to seal the deal you must least how to make them completely loyal

Corporate Social Responsibility

Everybody loves someone who gives back. When you give back people see that there’s still hope in humanity and people love that. But be as natural and sincere as possible when giving back.

You will attract more people towards your company because you are socially responsible.

Give more

Not because you have a corporate social responsibility, that you’ll stop there. Giving more means going beyond and building a real relationship. Imagine being in a relationship with someone for a year without being able to meet face to face, would that really build a relationship?

The same goes with your marketing.

When you perform little acts of kindness way beyond and far from your job description in the company, and people notice it, it’s a sure thing that your company will generate buzz, and when you continue to uphold good real relationships, you will get audience loyalty.

Starbucks is a great example with their Starbucks Foundation.

Customers need acknowledgement too

We always want to be appreciated. But don’t our audiences deserve recognition too?
Again, we’ll go back to engagement and affinity. The more audiences take part and contribute directly or indirectly to the company, the more they feel a sense of affinity. And when they are part of something you’ve created in the company, they will continue to follow and support you.

Be proactive

When all else fails in your campaigns, it pays to be proactive. Now being proactive means dealing with the problem head on. It’s easier to deal with fiascos when it has been planned before it has ever happened. So, be proactive. It pays to be prepared.
And when you’re in the moment of the fiasco, it pays to be responsible to whatever has happened.

Do all these steps and you’ll gain audience loyalty.

Note that there is no shortcut in getting your audience to trust you but following these tactics will help you build the trust you need in record time.

How Modern Real Estate Agents Must Modify Their Ad Strategies

Shot of a middle aged couple consulting with real estate agent in their home while sitting on sofa.

In general, real estate agents must connect their capability to match residences with customers as well as develop connections with past, present and potential clients to get their leads and grow their business within their company.

Before even calling their realtor, most new home buyers go online for their search. With that being said, it’s imperative that realtors nowadays have their marketing efforts dialed in. A research study from the National Association of Realtors showed that 92% of buyers utilize the web to begin their house hunting mission. As increasingly more people spend their time online, you may be left behind if you don’t relocate your real estate marketing right into that sector as well.

That’s why the modern real estate investor MUST modify their advertising and marketing strategies to adopt new techniques.

All too often many want to rely solely on what worked 20 years ago which is no longer effective.

The majority of property representatives wind up depending on passive methods to find listings and buyers or depend on word-of-mouth for unintentional sellers that may come their way.

Modern real estate agents can market their listings online, on their smart phones, with video clips, on social networking websites or in print. A great photographer is crucial in this advertising strategy. Buyers are relying more and more on pictures to let them know if they even want to take the time to view your listing.

Social media and Facebook Ads are some of the most important components of advertising for real estate leads, listings and marketing your business online.

It’s imperative you get your listings the optimum amount of exposure possible through your website and running Real Estate Facebook Ads to generate leads partially because it’s effective and it works!

While you are marketing your listings, you have to remember to market yourself as a realtor. Video specials that showcase your real estate expertise, providing advice to buyers as well as sellers, or offering comprehensive sneak peeks of listings could provide a major return on your advertising and marketing.

While you may currently have a realty web site, many successful agents standing for large geographical locations or numerous homes, create numerous web sites, with each covering specific niche locations of the market so they can target the needs of particular leads.

A beneficial real estate marketing concept would be to develop a regional market record for the markets your run in. This is not just a terrific nurturing tool, it also assists to educate your customers and also potential prospects. Be sure to collect clients and visitors to your websites email addresses. The really low cost of email marketing makes it a vital source for real estate representatives.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, even though you have your online marketing dialed in, it’s important to note that 89% of real estate representatives stated that references from previous as well as current customers are among their most successful advertising and marketing efforts.

But it ends up that 41% of property agents do not spend any kind of money on recommendations monthly.

Create advertising and marketing products for each of your listings. Which can consist of leaflets, postcards, bandit signs, single property web sites, social media sites, blog posts and e-mails.

The secret to any kind of property advertising and marketing method is to localize it. You are competing with all various other real estate representatives operating in your location.

While many aspects of “old time” advertising and marketing are fading away, the business card stays a staple in the realty market.

Try to automate everything as much as possible. Every min invested sending out advertising and marketing security or drawing listings information is a time that could have been committed to vendors as well as buyers shutting residences, which is exactly how real estate agents earn money.

Once they have their license, one of the greatest real estate marketing failures I see is agents that think it’ll be very easy to obtain buyers.

When carried out properly, innovative and strategic real estate advertising ideas give agents a benefit over the competition, create leads, and also make it a lot easier to transform those leads into consumers.

Finally – Join Real Estate Groups

Start searching for a real estate investment group near me to find other like minded professionals in your area.

Even if you’re not an investor, you’ll find other professionals in the market that are looking to connect to build their businesses.

If you’re a property agent, broker, or salesperson who can use a boost, I hope this checklist of actionable real estate advertising strategies (both online and offline) will certainly aid you in getting the outcomes you’re trying to find.