Multiple Militia Members Arrested in Oregon Standoff, Charged with Domestic Terrorism

Burns, OR–The standoff in Oregon reached new heights this afternoon as armed federal agents began arresting militia members leaving the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters.

In total, 11 protesters taking part in the standoff are reportedly in custody and being held without bail on domestic terrorism charges, resisting arrest, creating a public nuisance, and trespassing.  County and city officials in the area have not yet released a statement on the arrests or the names of those arrested.  Early reports indicate that protesters were verbally and physically abused prior to being arrested. Communications have been difficult and local media outlets are scrambling for more details.

Federal agent Dan Stevens, a 14-year veteran of the force, spoke with UMP by phone and had this to say:  “Under direct orders from the FBI and the DOJ, on behalf of the BLM, we have infiltrated the cabin with armed undercover agents.  The agents are collecting intel and coordinating that information with drones that are also overseeing the disturbance.”

“In addition,” Stevens continued, “we have positively identified approximately 90% of the militants and are running background checks for previous violations, warrants, etc.  License plate numbers of agitators are being collected and entered into the national database as well.  Our agents are following members leaving the compound and arresting them offsite as to not create a disturbance that could result in bloodshed. These right-wing extremists pose a serious threat to the safety of the operation and we have orders to make arrests and confiscate firearms.”

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  1. Good – now throw their Ignorant butts in federal prison.

    • You are obviously an ignorant, pro-tyranny ass..

      • and you’re obviously an Ignorant Hypocrite who believes we have freedoms in this country only if they agree with you. Talk about an ass – you win, buddy… now go talk out of the other side of your mouth.

        • May be you need another hole so you can talk plainer.

        • You are the dumbass, this was a peaceful protest about a couple of ranchers trying to save their ranch from
          BLM employees trying to burn it down. Now go lay down like a nice little puppy.

          • WOW!!! Ignorance to the nth deghree. It was the ranchers who did the burning, and out lioves at risk.

            And “Peaceful” Protester do not carry guns.

          • Wow! You’re fucking stupid. Dangerously so.

          • Betty…what happened is that the father and son poached some deer, then set a fire to cover their tracks. That is how all this started. You would do well to learn the facts before posting and making a fool of yourself.

          • Baruch so the Hammonds p-o-a-c-h-e-d a deer and s-e-t a fire to hide their crime Is that the official MSNBC version of what happened. In case you are not a blind squirrel clueless liberal democrat troll, maybe try to inform yourself as to what really happened before you embarrass yourself again with such a profoundly stupid comment.

          • A peaceful protest does not involve threatening anyone, dumbass.

          • You are one great big denier of reality, Betty Baby. (Can I have the keys to your double wide?).

          • betty, you have it backwards

          • DieTyranny // January 23, 2016 at 3:58 pm //

            Peaceful people do carry guns you city moron. Seems you were raised by tv. Everyone I know carries and are th best people I know. But then there’s the sheep like William who just doesn’t get it and never will. He the dude that celebrates the 4th of July but has no clue only 4% of Americans stood up and fought for our independence. He would of been part of the 96% that did nothing. I just hate dumb people. What do you stand for? Freedom? Ya, I don’t think so.

        • Now that you’ve proven yourself to be a wienie, I’m glad you have come out of the Libtard closet.

        • jennifer marshall // January 18, 2016 at 12:41 pm // Reply

          whatever an anarchist ideology…nothing excuses them using children as human shields…an anarchist lives by the gun…and if we had to wait longer all anarchist eventually end up fighting between themelves over food…water…or land hahahahahaha…because the largest group of assholes with the biggest guns rules in their world….unfortunately got them, it works the same way in our world hahahahahahahaha…anyway, I applaud the law enforcements operations,,,how yoy like me now?????>>>they learned a lot from Waco and ruby ridge…

          • +So am I to judge by your comment about Waco and Ruby Ridge you approve of the government murdering American citizens?

        • Ham, When did you get out of prison? Need snacks?

        • You’re a cuck. Now go back to rubbing your stump as Dindus gangbang your wife.

      • Sadly, reading some of some of the posts on this thread, there are far too many people in this country who have become comfortable with tyranny, and not being a free nation anymore, and who think anyone who trys to fight back against the tyrants are ignorant fools.

        • “…who think anyone who trys to fight back against the tyrants are ignorant fools.”

          First off, the word is spelled ‘tries’, not ‘trys’. If you had made it past a third grade education, you would know this already. Anyways ….

          Yeah, pretty much you nailed that. We think they’re ignorant fools. But let’s have it your way for a moment. Okay, so they “fought back” and guess what? They’ve lost the battle. The federal government wins! Again! Exactly as we all predicted!

          Did you really think a bunch of white trash gun nuts were going to win this? They weren’t even intelligent enough to bring sufficient supplies or plan ahead for what surely must have been obvious, that the electricity and water would be shut off.

          Free nation my arse. I’m every bit as free today as I was yesterday, but guess what? These guys aren’t =) Domestic terrorism charges, resisting arrest, creating a public nuisance, and trespassing … I cannot even stop laughing!

          • I understand you are a sad ignorant blind squirrel liberal democrat troll, but happily there are people , unlike you who are willing and able to fight for the freedom we once enjoyed in this country. Hopefully somehow, someday, they and others like them will be able to win, to allow “people “like you to continue living in blissful ignorance.

          • jennifer marshall // January 18, 2016 at 12:45 pm //

            why the fuck didn’t you go join them then?… its not tolate…ill pay your expenses…r

          • Would go join them they are the good guys after all., but at 67 with serious health issues, probably would not be able to help much.

          • No need to insult someone’s level of education for a typo, pal. Don’t be a jerk.

        • This was all setup by the Koch Brothers who want to use federal land for logging, mining, fracking, etc.
          Do some basic research before posting.

          • Oh yes, the Koch Brothers. The boogeymen of all blind squirrel liberal democrat trolls. Have you ever considered what this country would be like if the environmentalists managed to achieve their goal of putting an end to any extraction of this country’s natural resources? No farming, no ranching, no mining, no logging, no drilling for oil. The Feds have enough timberland in the National Forests to supply ALL of this country’s timber needs FOREVER. Environmentalists have pretty much killed off all logging in the National Forests, so we have to depend on other countries for over a third of our timber needs. What is going to happen when they kill the coal industry and the natural gas industry, only to discover windmills and solar panels really don’t cut for large scale power production that we need as a country?

          • Dude, that is the biggest crock of shit posted here yet and there have been some big piles dumped by all the right wing boneheads.

          • The terrorist “militia” already admitted they wanted the land for logging & mining! Hmmm exactly what the Koch’s want it for too…


          • Because they DON’T OWN THE LAND! Should I be able to STEAL land & profit from it?

      • and yet another one who has NO idea what these folks stand for! YOU IGNORANT SCAB! YOU WONDER WHY THIS COUNTRY IS IN THE SHAPE SHE IS…YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! listen to these two videos..then do yourself a favor and educate yourself on what is going on!

        • GREG ANDREWS // January 17, 2016 at 2:08 pm // Reply


      • No – I’m a law abiding citizen that doesn’t think that bullies with guns should be able to hijack a public space, scare small children and families away, and attempt to overthrow our government through force.

      • Ham, when did you get out of prison? Need snacks?

        • Overthrow the government? Where do you “libtards” get your news? Why not try researching a few subjects that pertain to the rights of ALL American citizens? The Declaration of Independence was our official notice to Great Britain that we as a people were tired of the tyranny. In that document (which is why we celebrate July 4th) it specifically states:

          “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

          A constitutional law professor at the College of William and Mary by the name of St. George Tucker had been a “militia commander” during the American Revolution and he wrote the following and published it in 1803: (original author’s spelling maintained)

          “The right of self defence is the first law of nature: in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest limits possible. Wherever standing armies are kept up, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any colour or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.”

          So it is to be understood, that-

          1) We DO have the right to abolish or alter government when it becomes oppressive (and our leaders know it and this scares them)


          2)That self defense from tyranny is a natural right of every creature on earth. Those who decry those of us patriots who exercise our right to keep and bear arms in opposition to tyrannical government would also be the first to howl in rage if a tiger was declawed and returned to the wild.

          Learn your rights and stop being afraid to exercise them “sheeple”

      • Fuck the Bundys, and all their supporters. Threaten law enforcement? Get lead poisoning.

      • Foolish people who stand with tyranny. You should never celebrate 4th of July again. You obviously have zero clue what it was really about.

    • You must be a federal employee or food stamper. Anyone who sides with the feds against people standing up to this corrupt government should be branded traitors. I dub you traitor.

      • TurdFergeson // January 23, 2016 at 9:40 am // Reply

        And I dub you and inbred, Donald Trump Fellating, pig fucker. Morons with no education are what are ruining this country, dipshits that believe every conspiracy theory that comes along because they are sad, pathetic wastes of humans who lack any amount of self awareness.

      • These folks have been raised sheep. They will give up all their freedom for security! Sad part, they haven’t a clue what the 4 percent went through to give us this freedom in what we celebrate as the 4th of July. Not one clue.

    • Brian Adams // January 7, 2016 at 6:18 pm // Reply

      Sheppard, I hope when they come for you, that you will remember these statements. You will never be allowed in the club, you always be a minion that they can treat however they please. I hope you chains rest lightly on your soul….

    • Libtard hater // January 7, 2016 at 6:27 pm // Reply

      False flag just like this page full of dumb ass lickers

    • You are an ass-clown! Enjoy your slavery dumbass!

    • The issue is Constitutional in nature. The question is are we a Constitutional Republic? If we are then the Federal Government is outside the law and that document justifies their actions. The Federal Governments power is not Superior to the States Rights. Each entity has rights and duties, each has different jobs to do, The federal government has encroached on the rights of the States to a degree that boggles the mind. Please open your eyes. There are only three stages to the maintenance of our freedoms, just three. A time for peaceful words, a time for peaceful actions, and the time of the gun. The time for peaceful words has ended.

      • William Carr // January 17, 2016 at 2:26 pm // Reply

        “The question is are we a Constitutional Republic? If we are then the Federal Government is outside the law”

        When did you lose your mind? Can you remember the day?

        The Congress CREATES the Law, as laid out in the Constitution.

        The Federal Government has the power to own land, as laid out IN THE CONSTITUTION.

        The Enclave Clause and the Property Clause say the Federal Government can own property.

        And the Supreme Court agrees.

        Light v. United States (1911) and Kleppe v. New Mexico (1976) confirm this.

        “The Federal Governments power is not Superior to the States Rights”

        Federal Authority does supersede State Authority, on Federal Land.

        This is what you whackos have decided to ignore.

        The Federal Government owns property. You whackos deny this, but the Constitution says so.

        The Federal Government has the right to administer the use of Federal lands, and Congress created the Bureau of Land Management in 1954 for that purpose.

        The whack jobs and lunatics who have used rifles to seize Federal Property have violated the Constitution, committed Grand Theft Auto, and destroyed public property.

        The Rancher next to the Bird Sanctuary had to go out and repair the fence Ammon Bundy destroyed, at his own expense.

        He emphasized that he worked WITH the BLM and didn’t want to graze cattle on Federal land.

        This isn’t the first time lunatics have seized land in Oregon… right before the attack on Pearl Harbor a bunch of losers tried to violate the Constitution and create the State of “Jefferson”.

        Two days later the Japanese attacked and the idiots were just swept aside.

        The Mormon lunatics seizing property today are being arrested, one by one.

        This is the only SAFE way to deal with the problem, because just as they did in Nevada they brought women and children with them as human shields.

        Eventually they’ll all be in jail and tried for Sedition, destruction of Pubic Property, and theft.

        • Rico Peterson // January 17, 2016 at 2:59 pm // Reply

          You do know that the Homeland Security is following this post and you just signed up for whacko to be watched closely, didn’t you?

        • The federal gov only is entitled to own 10 square miles for DC and what land necessary to operate forts and ports at the permission of the state! The Feds hold Intrest in territories only until they file to become a state and join the union! Come on folks read and understand your rights or at least wtf your talking about!!!

    • shepppard you are stupid // January 9, 2016 at 1:01 am // Reply

      please, gouge your eyes out and stick your hands in a garbage disposal. We don’t need slaves like you ever reading or posting online ever again…. You stupid dumb animal.

    • about time somebody took the trash out

    • Yeah that will teach them!! lol you can pay for it oh, by yourself too haha. I don’t feel they did anything wrong Occupy Wall Street | NYC Protest for World Revolution ? what’s the Dif

    • You are a compelte fucking moron. AND THUS PART OF THE PROBLEM HERE>>> You need destroyed!!! Period these ppl are patriots not terrorist… Fucking trash..

  2. so when the BLM does their thing can we expect to see them arrested as well because in the past it was like they could do as they please and even kill people and they were not arrested this could turn out bad for just what the fbi did to them and not to the blm

  3. Why are we expected to go along peacefully while the government breaks law after law? We have to follow the law so should the government. They are violating our rights and people let them! SMH

  4. So WHO was arrested? Where are they being held? Show me faces date time place and actual charge related. Guess we better get in there and get pictures of all them “special agents,LOL!” and that way they will be in MILITIA files for militia to use any time thye are needed in the future. Oh, and by the way, we are now going to track down 14 year pervert, 🙂 Dan “the bath house Obummer queer boy toy” Stevenson and interview him. Buy more ammo. War is coming. Liberty1775

  5. FUCK THE FEDS IN MEMORY OF WACO // January 7, 2016 at 5:01 pm // Reply

    Sounds like bullshit to me.
    Either way NO FED should be allowed to walk away from this like they did at the Bundy Ranch.You were ALLOWED to leave that time.
    This time NEEDS to be different.You are overstepping your boundry.You (BLM) are in DIRECT violation of the US CONSTITUTION and as such should be treated as ENEMY COMBATANTS..Remember WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE. WE KNOW YOUR NAMES and YOUR INFO WILL BECOME PUBLIC…

  6. Infiltrating a non violent gathering of like minded people, based simply because they are armed and dislike our government and it’s administration of laws they won’t follow. Watch out PTA’S and church groups, you’re next. The Jack boot is on your throats, do some quick history reading to see what comes next.

    • When people say they will kill, and are willing to be killed? Threatening the lives of other Americans? Just because the building was empty, and they hadn’t shot anyone yet, does NOT make it peaceful.

  7. Conservative Senior // January 7, 2016 at 5:24 pm // Reply

    Criminals arresting patriots for standing up for their Constitutional rights. This entire government needs to be flushed.

    • They’ve already shown violence, with one person hospitalized. One person disappeared because he was caught pretending to be a marine. Another of the Bundy Bunch pretending to be military just shrugs the lie off. Another ran off with donations and drunk himself to a stupor. Another one hiding in a blue tarp. Several post videos of themselves literaly crying on social media. And all wondering where are the snacks. And Ammon has stated he has come to die. Like-minded fools.

      • STFU James, you dumb son of a bitch! The autjor here is clearly a fed agent, spreading disinformation! He should be shunned by the entire Patriot Community.
        And James, you are just a coward and a Tory! Enjoy your slavery, ass-clown!

      • Jimmy Crack Corn // January 7, 2016 at 11:48 pm // Reply

        I would believe everything I read on the internet too, if I were an ignorant baboon. Did the Kool-Aid man bust through your wall because your drinking the shit. Regardless of what is really happening with/to these people, I’d like to see you, the keyboard cowboy, make it through a week of Eastern Oregon in the middle of January. Not exactly a walk in the park…

  8. We need a revolution asap. Overstepping their bounds and not caring. We are sheep and they are the wolves to slaughter us if we stand up to them.

  9. These men were trying to make a point, that our country has been taken over and our leadership is out of control. They made the point and now it is on record that if you try to protest you get arrested.

  10. These men are protesting the arrest of two ranchers who had permission to do a controlled burn. They have a right to protest and bear arms. They have harmed no one. You would feel differently if the government confiscated your land and arrested you for domestic terrorism because you protested. Defend the actions taken against these ranchers and you may be next.

    • The problem with your senseless rambling here, sport is the ranchers you refer to – the Hammonds – want nothing to do with these jokers and have repeated that on more than one occasion. So you’re saying you know more about the Hammonds and their position than the Hammonds themselves do? Your delusions of grandeur are laughable.

      • Anyone that sides with the Feds is a traitor in my book. Time and time again these so called government agents have overstepped their boundries! Wounded Knee, Waco, Ruby Ridge and now this. PATRIOTS IT’S TIME TO RISE UP AND TAKE THIS COUNTRY VACK!!!

    • William Carr // January 17, 2016 at 2:35 pm // Reply

      They did NOT have permission to do a “controlled burn”, and they lit the fire on Federal land while Poaching.

      No-one had their land “confiscated”, not in THIS Century anyway.

      The land the Bird Sanctuary is on belonged to the Paiute Indian tribe decades before Teddy Roosevelt designated it as protected.

      • William Carr, ranchers have done controlled burns on THEIR property, when needed, as long as they inform the local fire department, which the Hammonds did. AS for this supposed poaching, I have been trying to figure out where that urban legend got started, but have failed, so cannot respond to that allegation.

        • Try reading the court case. The Hammonds own kin testified that they were out poaching deer on federal land and set the fire to cover their tracks.

          • READ??? The GOP doesn’t do that!

          • the relative is a son with severe mental health issues who was 12 when this supposed crime took place

          • o Federal attorneys, Frank Papagni, hunted down a witness who was not mentally capable to be credible. Dusty Hammond (grandson and nephew) testified that Steven told him to start a fire. He was 13-years-old at the time, and 24-years-old when he testified (11 years later). At 24 Dusty had been suffering with mental problems for many years. He had estranged his family including his mother. No mention of a fire to cover up an imaginary poaching.

    • you can protest , riot and loot if you are the other blm or occupy group, it is only white working americans get get arrested, threatened to be shot and have the whole of the liberal misfits want to see their blood spilled, hard to believe this is the product of the 60’s liberals, I look forward to the day when they have to back their mouths with their backs

  11. Sounds like big brother is wanting a fucking war.

  12. William A. Wetzel // January 7, 2016 at 6:38 pm // Reply

    Time to clean up the trash finally.

  13. This is more of the overreaching federal government doing what they want. This is wrong on all kinds of levels and in complete violation of our constitution and bill of rights. However, I’d like to know where this information is coming from.

  14. If these Americans were arrested, why are the 22+ terror camps still in existence. Answer: Obama. This whole thing stinks to high heaven!

    • Not as much as your Ignorance sticks. wow – didn’t think it was possible for one person to be such a fool, but here you are…

  15. Wish I was on that jury, from EVERYTHING I could fid and read on the story, they were doing exactly what our contry expects from all of us. They were defending our country from all enemies foreign and domestic. On the other hand, if you REALLY payed attention to the background story, checked local newspaper archives on the net, you would find that BLM had broken quite a high number of laws and actually could be prossecuted for domestic terrorism. Things like building a dam in a river for the sole purpose of flooding the lands of ranchers in the area, so you can take their land. Don’t believe that was the reason? then how come the same day titles were transfered the dam was removed? We have a the right to expect to be treated reasonably by our government, and the very reason the second amendment was written was for situations EXACTLY like this one where the government overstepped its authority. You don’t have to believe me, if you are here, you can google the second amendment, and the people who wrote it, and read their quotes of WHY it was needed. Then you will see these people acted within the confines of the constitution of our country, in a manner exactly as our forefathers described those rights were for, and that the government WAS far overstepping its grounds in this instance.

  16. BLM us not even a federal division of the US government and doesn’t have any power by themselves. The build IS a PUBLIC building and is NOT federal. They are not hurting anyone, they are NOT BURNING A FUCKING COMMUNITY, THEY ARE NOT RIOTING ANYWHERE, THEY ARE NOT DESTROYING PROPERTIES. Our government is sooo fucking corrupt from the top to the bottom if they charge these men as terrorists. And whoever thinks they ARE terrorists, you can plant your lips on my white ass, and go hang yourselves..

    • If they would have been black, they would have been alright with every body shedding a tear for them.

    • William Carr // January 17, 2016 at 2:50 pm // Reply

      “BLM us not even a federal division of the US government and doesn’t have any power by themselves.”

      The Bureau of Land Management was created by the US Congress in 1946 by President Truman, and it IS in fact, a legitimate part of the Federal Government.

      The Malheur Bird Sanctuary is FEDERAL LAND, not “public” land.

      The Bundy Militia has stolen vehicles and a backhoe belonging to the Federal Government, as well as destroyed a fence belonging to the Federal Government.

      The neighboring Rancher was forced to repair the damage and replace the fence at his own expense to keep his cattle from straying.

      The Bundy Militants have declared their willingness to kill anyone who gets in their way.

      That MAKES them Terrorists.

      • William Carr, what you posted on in your comment may be the official left wing version of events. First of all”The neighboring Rancher was forced to repair the damage and replace the fence at his own expense to keep his cattle from straying.” In Oregon the state law is that ranchers DO NOT have to build fences to “keep their cattle. from straying”.. The feds have ordered local ranchers to build fences to keep cattle AND humans from straying onto the wildlife refuge. That was probably the Hammonds major crime was actually setting foot on the wildlife refuge to fight a fire.Yeah the protestors ARE terrorists, just like those involved in the original TEA PARTY, and of course, the minutemen in the 1700s

  17. The wrong ones arrested. Sorry but the government is the criminals here. And I also think that Cruz and Rubio should have stood with the ranchers and not the government. It only shows they are NOT for the people.
    It’s amazing how the government can force people off their land. How much is it worth?

  18. But BLM AKA Black Lies Matter get to walk around the streets with AK’s, detroy parts of cities like Ferguson, Baltimore. What hypocrisy.

    • In this story/article/case/matter – the acronym, BLM, means
      ‘Bureau of Land Management.’

      The other acronym, used to identify the Ferguson and Baltimore rioting, is BLM = ‘Black Lives Matter.’

      IMHO (in my honest opinion), since there’s a BLM identifying acronym, there should be a WLM ‘White Lives Matter’, too.

      To satisfy everyone, and not to be PC ‘Politically Correct’, I’m going to make one right now that should settle it once and for all :
      ALM = ‘All Lives Matter’ !!!!!!!

      I can’t keep up with all of the initialed BS (bull-sh*t), either. Seems there’s an acronym for just about everything nowadays.

      May God Bless And Help Us All … We Certainly Do Need It!!!
      Amen ~ Amen ~ Amen

  19. I’m glad these seditious idiots are being removed. WE THE PEOPLE don’t want them there. Even the Hammonds don’t want them there. Throw their fake patriot/con artist asses in jail.

  20. If they would have been black, they would have been alright with every body shedding a tear for them.

  21. Can’t you all see where this is all heading in an election year? Obama is pushing for upheaval in the country so he can call for Martial Law, the election will be suspended and BHO will remain in office!

    • Good! You racist cunt/

      • What the fuck did she say that was racist you racist faggot mother fucking piece of human shit? You think being black is why 70% of the country hates him? You brain dead fucking shit for brains ass clown. He’s a living worthless Muslim piece of pig shit that has turned this country inside out AND he’s a narcissistic price to boot! He was only elected because he was black by a bunch of libtard fucking morons like you who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground about what’s right or wrong. All of you fuck heads raised by welfare having white hating racist hood rats or LSD brainwashed hippie Whores. Fuck you. Suck a dick

      • typical clueless brain dead liberal, has no way to make a valid point so has to resort to vile grade school name calling. Environmentalists have for years made it clear what their end gamee is, total depopulation of as much of the central United States as they can possibly get. And putting an end to any resource extraction anywhere in the United States, no farming, no ranching, no mining, no logging, nothing

        • and what exactly is your bud, EffU? The Typical clueless brain-dead right wing nutjob who can handle dissent without losing what is left of his sense?

          • Yes I probably do know more then you about this issuee, because I make an effort to inform myself on the issue, and try to apply a little intelligent thought and common sense to them. Unlike you and other brain dead liberal trolls who just ingest whatever silly pap your ruling elite masters feed you.

          • Yeah – right. Your language defiantly proves your ‘intelligence’ is questionable. Actually I was referring to the stand the Hammonds take on this issue since you and your ilk keep bringing them into this, but, no worries… You actually are as Ignorant as your comments makes you appear. You make that increasingly clear.

    • You really are hopelessly Ignorant.

  22. my name is private // January 8, 2016 at 10:01 am // Reply

    until most of yo’all figure out who yous are this will keep happening… pecking order… God… [wo]man… government… anytime yous accept a title created by government yous diminish status…. so why would yous want to claim to be a citizen? the reason these people are getting arrested is that they claim to be citizens which makes them enemy combatants unless they have taken a citizenship oath.. 1. one must take the citizenship oath to be a part of the usurper USA CORPORATION club… why do yous think all ignorant citizens are now enemy combatants? why do yous think all the emigrants are being allowed to come in? they take the citizens oath… Have yous? i, hope not… those who do not know who they are and feel the need for a title… if yous were born in America yous are American national… i, am a [wo]man born on America soil.. nothing more… nothing less…

  23. William A. Wetzel // January 8, 2016 at 6:59 pm // Reply

    My popcorn will be ready when the militants go to court 🙂

  24. Eldon keate // January 8, 2016 at 7:44 pm // Reply

    The ignorance of the already accepting slaves is incredible the lack of knowledge of our rights and the constitution the only laws of this nation along with common law. Juditial law is a former of martial law. Illegal and all laws are null and void. Common law. A united states person can only be prosecuted if he or she has intentionally caused injury or death or intentionally caused damage or theft to another united states person. No other laws can be upheld. All others are null and void. Only government employees or public servants can be punished for other offences. People have forgotten our place and our true power. These men are reminding us all what our place is supposed to be and the power we truly hold. These men are great men and likened to our founders. This article is 100% false nobody has been arrested. This is more propoganda by the government to test our reaction to see if they could get away with it in the public eye.

    • You’re nuts

      • Kim Robertson // January 20, 2016 at 7:48 pm // Reply

        The most telling way to know where you are is to see the Flag. The Flag that carries yellow fringe is not the Flag that stands for our Republic. Yellow fringe= NO Nation No CONSTITUTION. It is not just an embellishment to make the flag more glorious. OLD GLORY, our Nation, our Republic needs Us. How is Justice established when you have no rights?

  25. Jon Henri Matteau // January 9, 2016 at 10:08 am // Reply

    Does anyone acknowledge that FACT that the Hammond men pled GUILTY? Not only that but the openly disavowed anything to do with these “patriots’ and this bizarre media grab at nonsensical issues. All this has does is illustrate how misguided these characters can be when it comes to Federal and state regulations in regard to public land management. These are from the same mindset that want to eliminate “big gubmint” by setting up their own. (Politburo). If you are going to fight the law; learn the law that you are fighting. Those fees charged by BLM go to the BLM to manage the land that you are using so you can use it again.

    • I found it amusing that you felt compelled to point out the Hammonds pled guilty. You like so many people who embrace the government takeover of their lives, do not stop to ask the very pertinent question. What did they plead guilty to and why? In case you missed or ignored the original story, the Hammonds, AFTER informing the local fire department, set fire to a part of THEIR land in an effort to get rid of some invasive weeds. The fire got away from them, and burned some Fed land, but they got it under control themselves. This type of burn is practiced by ranchers everywhere, so why is it a terrorist act, that deserves the Hammonds get 5 years in prison and lose their ranch?

      • More amusing that You seem to think you more than anyone else about the whys & hows of what actually happened – and ignore the fact that the Hammonds continue to distance themselves from these jokers. Not just once but numerous times. But only You ‘know’ it all – What a Fool you appear.

        • Actually YOU are the fool, and a tool. I actually feel sorry for people like you, when reality hits, it will be brutal The protestors DID NOT need the approval of the Hammonds for their protest. And yes maybe the protest was futile, but it was justified. The brutal rape and destruction of the Hammond family just because they refused to hand over their land to the feds, and the fact that the so called “criminal justice” system played the role of accomplice, was an obscenity that should have had thousands of people trekking to the protest in Oregon. Sadly, we as a society have gotten soft and complacent, so the federal government Knows they can do whatever they want without fear of a backlash. Such is the death of a once great nation.

          • ‘brutal rape and destruction of the Hammond family’ – even though They don’t say that – definitely still means You still win The Fool of the year crown – but you must get that a lot…

          • I understand you are a hopeless, clueless, liberal democrat troll, but reality is most Normal PEOPLE would agree that when two men get five years in prison and have everything they have worked all their life for taken away from them, and have their reputations ruined, for no other reason then failing to comply with the whim a a government agency, that is rape.

          • richard romine // January 23, 2016 at 9:21 am //

            Is it a crying shame forple? there really is a shit ton of ignorance going around isnt there. the world has gone truly stupid and left very little common sense to go around. we are truly up a creek without a paddle at this rate of incompetence. i ponder daily on what direction to take. people have been brainwashed for so long…

  26. Listen to themicroeffect dot com Monday thru Friday 0700 to 1000. Find out just how helplessly enslaved many of the people that have posted are in mind and body. Militia are militants, only an idiot that is uneducated would make that statement.

  27. Great news! Now send these scumbags to Gitmo and water bored the shit of them. I doubt these fucktards know anything about anything, but I say water board them for fun anyway.

  28. The majority of Americans do not want armed old white male middle aged over weight so called militia members taking over our country or public lands. Take that shit somewhere else. You will one day see that the majority of us will not stand for your delusional views. I don’t care what names you call me either. It just shows your ignorance of our laws.

    • Kim Robertson // January 20, 2016 at 7:52 pm // Reply

      The most telling way to know where you are is to see the Flag. The Flag that carries yellow fringe is not the Flag that stands for our Republic. Yellow fringe= NO Nation No CONSTITUTION. It is not just an embellishment to make the flag more glorious. OLD GLORY, our Nation, our Republic needs Us. How is Justice established when you have no rights?

  29. Hugh Madbrough // January 17, 2016 at 3:31 pm // Reply

    Just build a fence around the facility and called it Bundy Prison.

  30. obvious lack of understanding the reality of the situation and what this means for America… if this is the real state of your understanding your done.

    • Kim Robertson // January 20, 2016 at 8:03 pm // Reply

      Don’t forget Ruby Ridge, Idaho, they shot a woman in the face,dead, she was holding a baby. Check out the latest “deal” our government has done for us. Strong Cities Network, Brought to you by you local government, Loretta Lynch for the Obama Administration and the United Nations.

  31. Article 4 section3 clause2
    US Constitution.

  32. i dont understand how these “honorable Miitia” types think its “thier” land???? it was stolen from the natives over a century ago ? please enlighten my how they have ANY claim?
    and the corporate lapdog political is wrong in many ways but armed occupation is the game of the governmennts not true patriots.

  33. “… militia members….”

    No. The word you are searching for is “terrorists.”

  34. I’m not a big fan of reality-TV, but these guys are fun to watch. It’s quite a joke in Europe. Somebody could drop LSD into their drinking water (or snacks, they’re hungry, poor creatures) and wait, for instance; that would be an improvement of the show.

  35. Oh my. The comments. Hurry up trump and build your wall… just please, put it on the 49th so the stupid stays down there.

  36. Now give the land back to it’s rightful owners .. the Shoshone people .

  37. Now give the land back to it’s rightful owners .. the Burns Piaute tribe .

    • In 1908 President Theodor Roosevelt, in a political scheme, create an “Indian reservation” around the Malheur, Mud & Harney Lakes and declared it “as a preserve and breeding ground for native birds”. Later this “Indian reservation” (without Indians) became the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. the Burns Paiute tribe were NEVER involved.

  38. Why is there a “District of Columbia”; ever wonder why name of Columbia invoked?
    Why were military bases denoted as “Reservations” and when property was no longer, of use supposed to be given back to whatever state or territorial Representaives control?
    The federal government was granted the District and allowed to govern under an Admiralty Legal System where even certain individuals were granted “Protections and Provisions” while in those zones, that no other citizens no matter where in US did not
    The Government was to never own and was only granted “Administrative powers of “Trust Holding” for and by the American populace.
    In all land set asides it has been part of the writings to point out that the reasons for those set adides was for the “Betterment ” of American populace as a body.
    Yet today we find that more and more our public lands are under thecontrols of non elected personalities( corporations are “individuals”), and are sold to the highest bidder of the administators and not for american populaces advantages. Royalties way below fair value for mineral and energy fuels that lea e americans susidizing foreign owned corporate/private interest; and also paying for the destruction and resulting health and environ.ental restoations now beyond repair.
    The plastic society who know not of ideals of freedoms beyond consumerism and selfie’s narcism are incapable of understandin loss of natural world.

  39. Again, I will write this REAL slow so you can read it. Why shouldn’t we be allowed access to natural resources found on Federal lands? For over 100 years logging companies PAID to be allowed to log in the National Forests, mining companies PAID to be allowed access to minerals found under Federal land, oil companies PAID to be allowed to drill on Federal land. It has only been in the last 50 years that environmentalists have mounted a successful campaign to put an end to accessing any natural resources found on Federal land. No ranching, no logging, no mining, no drilling for oil. How does that benefit society as a whole?

    • Where is your PROOF that anyone has PAID to mine, drill, or cut down trees on this federal land?

      • The BLM has responsibility for coal leasing on approximately 570 million acres where the coal mineral estate is owned by the Federal Government. Surface ownership of these lands belongs to either the BLM, the United States Forest Service, private land owners, state land owners, or other Federal agencies.

        Revenues from coal leasing and production are shared by the Federal Government and the state where the coal is leased. The Department of the Interior’s Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) maintains statistical data for Federal coal sales volumes, sales values, and revenue. To visit the ONRR statistics website click here.

        • Just as I thought, NO PROOF! I see no contracts w/ any company names, etc…

          • I understand you are a blind squirrel liberal democrat troll, this is a favorite game of your kind. Do a little digging for yourself, I gave you proof that the government does charge companies for accessing natural resources on Federal land. You come back with a demand for more proof, name the companies paying those fees. I would do that then your next request would be show the cancelled checks they used to pay those fees. If you can’t provide that, you are a liar and an idiot. I really do not want to play that game

          • You provided NOTHING! Just typed words you copy & pasted from elsewhere. No proof what you copied is true, plus WHAT companies have PAID to rape this Bird Sanctuary?
            Your answer is to research for myself. I know it doesn’t exist, so why waste my time trying to prove what you FAILED to do?

          • Shell was pursuing a major Arctic oil discovery after spending a record-setting $2.1 billion to buy 275 Chukchi Sea oil and gas leases in a 2008 government auction. This was 2.1 billion just to access the oil and gas in one small area in the Arctic. Get out of your mother’s basement, try to connect with reality, do a little research on your own, you WILL find lots more

          • Shell got out by their own decision. But what does Shell have to do w/ the Oregon Bird Sanctuary? Usual GOP tactics, when you lose an argument / debate, resort to name calling & change the subject!

          • .”Where is your PROOF that anyone has PAID to mine, drill, or cut down trees on federal land? “This is the comment I was responding to. Of course NO ONE can do anything on a Wildlife Preserve. The whole function of a Wildlife Preserve is to lock down huge areas of land, and limit human contact to a miniscule area in that vast acreage

          • We are talking about the Oregon Wildlife Preserve. If you can’t follow the convo, it’s best not to comment.

      • forple doesn’t deal in facts – just snark, bile & hate.

  40. William A. Wetzel // January 18, 2016 at 3:27 pm // Reply

    Why are these punks still an issue?

  41. See what happens when you allow brothers and sisters to interbreed? You get armed Cheese Doodle freaks taking over a federal gift shop.

    • Typical clueless blind squirrel liberal democrat troll living in your mom’s basement. What is so frustrating about this thread and others like it, the occupy movement which was really made up of inbred clueless hardcore Marxists, never had this kind of ugly bile thrown at them.

      • LOL – get over yourself. Really. You are so full of hate & bile, it’s gonna kill you

        • Typical comment from a blind squirrel liberal democrat troll. You could tell me the moon is made of green cheese, I would tell you, politely, no it is made of rock, and your response would be to insult me and tell me I am filled with hatred and bile. Typical; response of any liberal when facts are presented to them is to tell the person trying to present the facts to them that they are an idiot, a bigot, a hater. Sad commentary on the state of political discourse in modern day America.+

  42. William A. Wetzel // January 18, 2016 at 9:22 pm // Reply

    White punk trash with guns… That’s all they are. Back in the old days we would Ruby Ridge them.

    • So, let me get this straight. You are advocating going to homes of every man involved in this protest, and put a bullet in his wife’s head. Yeah that would pretty well put an end to any type of protest against government tyranny.

  43. As with any lead story, the facts are scewed to get the attention of the audience. I too am guilty of ‘choosing a side’ because of what I was hearing and reading. However, upon falling into this post, I have spent the last few hours gathering as much information as I could before commenting. I’m not a political person, but I know what I see.

    There are really three things that I feel are important to address; I think the group responsible for this standoff is wrong for handling the situation as it has, but their struggle is valid. They knew, as they organized, what the consequences could be. But they, as many more should, see the government is overstepping more and more and something has to be done. They may not have had any ‘skin in the game’ concerning these particular ranchers, but we would have never known what the government has been doing to the ranchers had this group not taken a stand and brought the issue(s) to light.

    From what I’ve read, the Hammond ranch is hourglass shaped and almost completely surrounded by this government run sanctuary. Mr. Hammond has been struggling with the refuge overstepping since, at least, 1984. One of the first incidents were the refuge fencing off a watering hole that Mr. Hammond’s cattle had been using since approximately 1960 or before, the reason was not explained in any document that I could find. Another incident was in 1986 when they refused to issue a grazing permit to this rancher because he didn’t call the refuge 24 hrs in advance, and only allowed twice a year, of his cattle grazing where they had for 25 yrs before the bureaucrats decided they wanted to flex their muscles. Now Mrs. Hammond is left to manage the ranch by herself, with her son and husband in jail. The government is not issuing her any grazing permits for the cattle. I’m sure she is a strong woman but as sure as I’m sitting here armchair quarterbacking this narrative, when Mr. Hammond gets out of prison, there will likely be no ranch to return to. Not only is the government going to get their way and take the land, this family will be destroyed in the process. Why, because the government could?

    As Rep. Walden stated in the bill he wrote and passed, the government was supposed to put up the fences and they bullied the ranchers into putting up their fences. Any historic use of the refuge by the ranchers was to be allowed to continue, but after the bill passed, other government agencies fought it and didn’t follow the law. There again, no charges filed against any governmental agency for not following the laws. The initial Federal Judge did say the crime did not fit the punishment of a 5 yr prison term of that burn getting out of hand, 193 acres. Comparatively, how many controlled burns has a governmental agency set that became out of control and has burned hundreds of thousands of acres of private land? No one went to jail. But thousands of people lost everything in those fires, some the ultimate, their lives.

    The one thing I know about a rancher/cowboy, they are some of the hardest working, God fearing, give you the shirt of their back, and stubborn people I have ever had the honor of knowing. So trying to bully this man off his land just so the government can show citizens they can do what they want, was a no win situation. The government overstepped and as Lemmings, we are doing nothing to stop it. A little here, a little there until one day our children are going to wake up to a life that is completely governed by someone else. They’ll have us to thank for that, because we didn’t stop it when we could.

    I don’t expect people from urban areas to completely understand what really goes on in the rural areas of our country. But as I read all of the comments, you are degrading, villanizing, name calling, and swearing at each other which is exactly how the government likes it. If you’re focused on each other’s shortcomings, you won’t rally together against theirs. And you won’t notice that your rights, your Constitution, is slowly being chipped away.

    Be good to each other

    • that’s a whole lot of BS

      • Why? Unlike any of your comments, which only serve to insight others, I came to this table with facts. Through my research and facts I have uncovered, I have formed my opinion.

        • So you admit – your ‘facts’ are twisted to justify your opinion… that is obvious.

          • Actually, sheppard, I clicked on the article because my opinion at the time was, “it’s about time”. But again your response is just here to insight an argument. You haven’t said anything throughout this entire post that gives any thought provoking arguments as to why you feel anyone that empathizes with these men is wrong. I see, in your case, that ignorance is blind/bliss. Good luck in your single minded world. Come back to the grown up table when you’ve done your homework and are able to bring a responsible argument.

        • Kim Robertson // January 20, 2016 at 8:22 pm // Reply

          Penny is correct. I find people who spew verbiage based on misinformation almost laughable. The reason I don’t fall down and laugh my ass off would be that in your ignorance of facts and your blind governmental obedience, our Republic is no longer.

          • So – impossible for you to respond to any comments that point out your bias… and address the fact that the Hammonds want nothing to do with those bozos. There is nothing ‘responsible’ in your total lack of that very fact. That you consider yourself a grown-up is frightening.

      • Kim Robertson // January 20, 2016 at 8:51 pm // Reply

        Penny look for Strong Cities Network, it’s not a good thing. Involved is local govs, Lorreta Lynch for Obama Admin.and the United Nations, coming our way April 2016. Global Police.

        • Although this particular issue is for a different thread; Kim I am reading conflicting stories about this initiative. Pamela Gellar is posting it will override our state laws and is stating that it won’t. However, it is something that should certainly be researched by every citizen. If Gellar is correct anyone that speaks out against or acts against jihad will be breaking the law. That kind of action would never be accepted where I live.

  44. Execute all of them. If they say they would die for this, fine. Die

  45. Shouldn’t these militia be wearing snow cammo? Dumb asses.

  46. No comment on your comment other then a suggestion that, if you’ve not already done so, look into the Bundy ranch situation for a little insight into just why the Bundys are involved in this situation. Grazing a huge piece of land for OVER a hundred years, then being forced off the land by the Feds supposedly to save some endangered tortoise that is supposed to live on that land, could mean the Bundy family would join the 54 other rancher that once worked that county, and simply disappear like all the other ranches, forced out of business by the Federal Government.

  47. It sads me that Americans will call these patriots “terrorists” with all the bullshit our government has done to us. You are are treasonists.

  48. Orders from the DOJ? what a Joke! Most Corrupt Dept in Washington.Loretta Lynch is about like Obama trying to leave a Legacy…..Militias were within their right t o do as they did>I hope this is not the end of them which i doubt very seriously it is…….OLd Dirty harry is behind this Land Grab him and his crooked Son.they need to rot in prison with Billary


    • One amusing aspect of this whole debacle is how the Feds have managed to brainwash so many people these ranchers committed arson to cover up a poaching operation. You have a 6000 acre ranch, you have more then enough land to bury any evidence there might be that you were poaching.

  50. All u ignorant fucks leave the ranchers alone and give there land back! I see now how this country gets so fucked up. You stupid fucks look up the facks. How about we take half the property your house is on and then charge you for part of it being on federal ground! Anyways I hope people get off the fucking phones and open their fucking eyes!!!!

    • You seem so intelligent… not able to express yourself with ‘real’ words and all… Obviously you will sway the masses. You look The fool – but you must get that a lot.

  51. richard romine // January 23, 2016 at 9:14 am // Reply

    To Tell ya the truth about all of these comments, just proves that this country has gone mostly stupid & insensitive. All of you who think these men should go to jail for standing against the foreign invaders called the FEDS are traitors of this once great country and should be tried for treason along with the FEDS. apparently you idiots talk out of your asses instead of the hole closest to the brain. If you disagree with the original Constitution of America you dont belong here and are too stupid to waste time arguing with. These men are Patriots and we need more of them. you blind fools have no clue due too ignorance of course that our country is under serious attack and its not by ISIS. it is our the Government owned by the big banking cartels like the Rothchilds and Soros. these are the enemies. so when you dumb asses come to your senses and join the real American loving Patriots to rid this Country of this Parisitic creature from EU we can stop fighting each other and start loving your neighbors again. Wake up,,,Because your wrong and stupid.

  52. Edward Renfroe // January 23, 2016 at 4:30 pm // Reply

    Listen to the fire chief from burns that quit do to the people and government threatening him because he was on the safety committee Think about this….

  53. wow the ignorance is rampant in these comments..

  54. We’ve been watching this from over the pond in England. Dismaying to see that some Americans still cannot see the extent of the tyranny going on in their own country at the hands of their own government.

  55. Confusion Says, “Welcome to the CIA.”

  56. ruraldweller // January 24, 2016 at 6:35 pm // Reply

    Well, where to start…
    I live rural & in cattle country. Open space,federal land, ranchers rights, bodies of water, eco systems & wildlife reserves, patriots, terrorists, armed militants… christ. So much dialog filled with inflammatory degrading labeling rhetoric bullshit.

    Ranchers can lease federal/state land to graze cattle at a very cheap rate. $20. a unit (cow/calf) or less $ a year. Some ranchers have done this for a few generations. Water sources have historically been over run by cattle… a clean pond or creek becomes a mud hole to the detriment of all other living creatures. Grazing isn’t monitored, more cattle than a lease allowed often are run on the leased land. Native grasses are depleted and noxious weeds take over. The rancher moves on to other areas of the leased land and does it all again. Not to say all ranchers… many ranchers.
    The feds or state regulators get off their asses and notice the ranchers are not managing the leases in good faith. The regulators deny said rancher(s) a renewal of the lease. Some ranchers aka Bundy family decide they should graze for free, have no oversite and feds/state be damned… they pay their taxes! Ok… what about the other tax payers that disagree with the ranchers husbandry practices,dislike the damage to the water sources, see the damage to wildlife when native grasses disappear and noxious weeds take over? It pisses me off the people employed by tax payers to be the oversite can’t do their damn jobs.

    Correct… open range means cattle have the “right of way”. If a land owner don’t want cattle on their property you fence them out… except if you are the feds or the state… then gee, ranchers have to manage their herds and fence them from ranging on property not open to them.

    Noxious weeds… ie the “Hammonds burning weeds when the fire got out of hand”… are a major problem. Over grazing is the main reason. Many counties have weed control boards to address this problem. If the Hammonds don’t know how to manage a controlled burn then don’t light the match. If they are over run with weeds, then cut back on your herd, lease land… you know, like farmers do.

    I have empathy for the rancher as I do for any industry that feeds us. I don’t want that industry to feed us to the determent of our health or the well being of the animal,bird, fish etc before it’s butchered or, degrade the health of the planet.

    Militias… the people I personally know are so full of rhetoric, hate & labeling they just can’t see the bigger picture. Those yahoos in Oregon would kill others to get what they want, yet, deride the “government” for doing just that.
    I applaud the commitment but not the method. How together can these “patriots” be when they don’t even have the foresight to bring supplies? Its winter…. in eastern Oregon for christ sake. All talk, all swagger no planning. But if they have their guns all is good.

    Blah blah blah… I own firearms, crazy not to when you live rural. I like beef. I appreciate wildlife sanctuaries & open spaces that are for all to enjoy. I know that laws are stacked against some and I appreciate the freedom to say what I want. I have many close friends who are veterans who recognize their path is colored different than mine. Many understand they did not fight for “our” freedoms. They fought for corporate greed, for christian supremacy.
    My understanding of the greater good may not be the same as “yours”. Do I need to verbally diminish & label you or discount your reality? Nope.

    I believe the militants in Oregon should study our Constitution rather than having others interpret it for them. They deserve federal prison. Hopefully no one dies making that happen… on either side of the fence.

  57. To call it terrorism can deny them of a trial. This was not terrorism. This was a protest against infringement of constitutional rights. See: None of the protesters, to my knowledge, ever threatened anyone with firearms. But in the aftermath of WACO I can see why they would want to be prepared to defend themselves.

    • ruraldweller // January 25, 2016 at 6:42 pm // Reply

      Terrorism | Define Terrorism at
      the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. 2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization. 3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

      By definition they are terrorists. I would like to see them stand trial where the law can be on trial as well.

      We are not now the same naive country as we were back when Waco happened. Currently the Oregon standoff could only happen as it has these 25? days because the militia has weapons. The feds will not remove them forcefully because then all hell would break loose in oregon as well as many other states. The feds are between a rock & a hard place as the militia intended. terrorism.

      Also, thanks for thoughtful comment.

  58. Life in Prison seems appropriate.

  59. Well… The Oregon filth problem is almost cleaned up. Nice!

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