Man Outed In Ashley Madison Hack Commits Suicide


The recent Ashley Madison hacking incident drove one Chicago, IL man to take his own life.
Ashley Madison is a dating website which specializes in infidelity. As per the site’s FAQ, “… If you still feel that you will seek a person other than your partner to fill your unmet needs, then we truly believe that our service is the best place to start.”

But perhaps Ashley Madison is not the best place to start, as they recently announced their database had been hacked, and the personal information of millions of users stolen. The hackers, calling themselves ‘Impact Team’, released a manifesto where they call the site’s customers “scum bags”, and state their plans to continue releasing the personal information until is removed from the web.

Surprising to no one, the hacker’s actions are having serious–and in one case, fatal–consequences.

Donald Bradshaw of Chicago, IL, had been married for the past 11 years. He and his wife had two children, owned a home, and by all outward appearances were living the American dream. However, Donald was seeking intimate relationships with women other than his wife and was using the Ashley Madison site to do so.

In a suicide note recovered by police, Donald expressed his regrets, and why he choose to take his own life. “I am sory[sic] for being unfaithful. I know that you will leave me now and take the kids. I know that I will be fired from my job at your fathers[sic] company and that my life as I know it is going to change drastically for the worse. So I’m just going too[sic] make it easy on you. You get everything. Goodbye.”

The corner’s report indicates that Donald took a fatal dose of prescription medication. His death has been ruled a suicide, and authorities say they do not believe there was any foul play involved.

It’s unknown if or how Ashley Madison executives will respond, and all press inquiries from United Media Publishing have been ignored.

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52 Comments on Man Outed In Ashley Madison Hack Commits Suicide

  1. Good! Serves the unfaithful dog right! This is what all men who cheat should do!

  2. Pretty generic suicide note

    • This article links to stories about the hack and the manifesto, but offers no corroborating links about this suicide. Generic name in a big city, reference to “police” but no police department. This is still the only article I can find about this suicide.

      If I didn’t know better, I’d think that Ms. Mason has written an article about the story she expected to happen.

  3. And no tears were shed for this piece of shit.

    • Your comment illustrates what a pathetic person you are. When you show me your credentials as an Anthropologists, someone who understands human behavior and the flimsy nature of sexual fidelity, then you may bestow upon us your moral wisdom. Once again, the idiots congregate to chastise the world in their pristine little glass houses.

      • Nah, he’s still a piece of shit that will not be missed. Hopefully, many more will follow in his path.

        • Not be missed? By who? You? You don’t have a fucking clue who this man was other than that he was cheating on his wife. Judging by your vitriolic comments, I bet you’ve been cheated on, and probably rightfully so. You deserve to be alone, just how you probably already are.

        • Good point. I’m sure his children won’t miss their father. I’m sure they’re fucking ecstatic that they’re now fatherless.

    • So a cheater deserves to kill themselves? You’re a sick human being.

    • “yeah, screw his kids right! They deserve to grow up with one less parent because he was on a website!”

    • ….and you wonder why people cheat on awful bitches like you.

  4. Glass Half Empty // July 23, 2015 at 4:28 am // Reply

    Isn’t it great to be able to sit behind a keyboard and cast aspersions like you’re doling out food to the needy? Your lack of empathy and understanding makes you no better. If this story is true, then it’s tragic. You think nobody shed a tear? How about those closest to him? I’m sure they did.

    Stop with high and mighty attitude. I’m sure if we rummaged around your closet (from your entire life) we’d find the same number of bones amidst the self-righteous rhetoric. And if you tell me otherwise, you’re lying; EVERYONE has regrets for something they did in life. If you’re that .000005%, then you missed your calling, you should have been a monk.

    • The Sane One? // July 23, 2015 at 8:15 am // Reply

      You make it sound as if all regrets are equal. Sure, everyone has stuff they regret, but I bet most of it isn’t as bad or shameful as cheating on their partner when they have children they should be thinking about. Think about all the alternatives to going on the internet, behind your partner’s back, to find someone to strike up a relationship with. This guy lived like a coward and died like one, trying to avoid the consequences of his actions and desires.

      • You are pathetic. You don’t know how this man lived his life. You don’t have any clue about who he was, what he did to the people around him, you knew nothing about his background, his family, his friends. You really are a worthless piece of shit.

  5. And they’ll play the world’s smallest violin at the funeral.

  6. Ashley'sIre // August 19, 2015 at 1:06 pm // Reply

    Spare us the sanctimonious claptrap, purlease. You have no right to take the moral high ground and judge this guy, and nor did those illegal and immoral hackers. If you are human, you have your own bad decisions, guilts, secrets, regrets and skeletons in the closet behind you as well. There are always two sides to every story and saying ‘he’s a cheater, he deserved it’ just shows stupidity and ignorance. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    • My thought really. Damn! There are so many people sticking their noses into everybody else’s lives, people who knew nothing about that man and who are condemning him, even sentencing him, people who are joyful of that man’s death, it’s appalling. Compared to some of the comments I’ve read here, what this man did is nothing.

  7. Annie Amouse // August 19, 2015 at 6:46 pm // Reply

    Where in his suicide note does it state that the hack had anything to do with his suicide? Yes, he was a noted member of Ashley Madison and yes, he admitted in his final note to being unfaithful, but we don’t know the details. We don’t know if he wife actually caught him, if he felt extreme remorse, if his wife even had the potential to find that he had used the site, etc. Speculating about why someone committed suicide is serious business, and you can only take his words for what they are. This story doesn’t belong attached to the news about the hacking incident.

  8. Another man’s life who has been destroyed by the anti-male divorce system in America. He KNEW that his life was screwed because everyone knows how the divorce system in America screws men over badly. To any men reading this comment? DO NOT EVER GET LEGALLY MARRIED, especially in America! BOYCOTT MARRIAGE!

  9. Nice job. An hero’d it.

  10. Madison Wilcox // August 19, 2015 at 11:29 pm // Reply

    1 piece of human garbage down, 38 million more to go.

    • I only see one human garbage here and it’s you. And I’ll never set down to your level and encourage you to take your own life. You are a pathetic human being.

    • “1 piece of human garbage down, 38 million more to go.”

      I can’t tell you how disturbed these kind of statements make me. I agree I feel physically uncomfortable watching someone cheat in a movie, its morally reprehsible!

      However the value of a life is less than a single mistake/human failing? So we should kill all these guys for wanting to cheat? So by that bar we should kill wish dead all the gamblers that lost all the money for their family all the drug addicts that stole from their family and lied. All the criminals you have committed a crime against the other, because surely that’s greater. Who else should we add to the death list of human scum of people who’s life has no value?

      More importantly who would be left? Who’s life would have any value after you judged all the people (and who has the right to judge your value and mistakes, and the worth of your life)?

      The moment you get to judge the value of another life, is someone else gets does the same as you and find you wanting. Do you really want people feeling justified with running around thinking you would be better off dead for their ‘moral’ reasons? No, then don’t indulge you’re weakness of critical thinking and character! Set a higher bar of conduct and actually by the higher standard you would like to think others think you have…

  11. Addison Rees // August 20, 2015 at 1:59 am // Reply

    What a degenerate coward. Own up to your mistake and deal with it.

  12. Jeanne dArc // August 20, 2015 at 5:00 pm // Reply

    I would like to say I feel sorry for people like this guy, but I don’t. I do feel sorry for anyone who loved him and was hurt by this. But really, what a liar and coward. Nobody forced him to sign up. It was his choice to be dishonorable and to betray someone who probably trusted him. It’s sad but also contemptible. What makes me uncomfortable about this whole scandal is the collateral damage. I don’t feel bad for the cheaters themselves. (Especially as joining a site like AM is dumb on top of sleazy. And to do it in your own name, with traceable CC info! Good grief. This makes me extra critical, because again, you are being careless with the hearts of your loved ones. If you are gonna be a bastid, at least be smart and protect your spouse from being harmed as much as you can. It’s like double, triple power disdain from me at that point!)

    • How judgmental of somebody you knew nothing about. You probably watch trash TV and judge everybody on the shows. Pathetic.

  13. TrumpedbyAshley // August 21, 2015 at 3:15 am // Reply

    To the moralists, only 3% of any site’s registrants will ever buy anything, which means 30 million Ashley registrants were single guys or others who curiously registered to see what was going on, such as if real hot housewives want to cheat. These normal guys quickly saw the site was really a cover for prostitution and left, disgusted, never to return.

    Nothing wrong with such a curious registration. That won’t harm marriages unless where a man is a weak beta male.

    If they filled out their profile, that could be another matter and spending money with that site was clear proof you wanted to buy time with a cheap hooker pretending to be a bored housewife but not on a high class at all.

    That would be indicative of a man who is socially inept.

    But ppl do get married to their best friends where monogamy isn’t a factor nor any business of an outsider.


  15. lol @ the naive crybabies here, do you need a bandage for that bleeding heart? That degenerate got what he deserved end of discussion, you weak little pussies.

    • The Apple Juicetice // August 28, 2015 at 3:55 am // Reply

      Oh, are we weak for caring? Are we weak for naturally assuming that there are people who will miss him? Are we weak for putting all the possibilities in mind? No one deserves to end their own life. If someone close to you committed suicide, what’d you say? You’re the weak one here for lack of consideration. His kids will miss him. Do THEY deserve this? His family. He has one. Do THEY deserve this? He has friends, they will miss him. He will be missed and there is nothing, heaven or hell, that you can do about it. Unless you can prove that this man WAS a degenerate in life, end of discussion.

  16. Wow talk about the incredibly stupid commentary. A man chose to take his own life due to infidelity. Its a tragedy for all involved. So many people have so many hangups in regard to sex it is painfully embarrassing in 2015. Perhaps he had a sexless( dead bedroom) marriage, perhaps he lacked intimacy but didnt want to have his children have a broken home. Not trying to justify what his actions where but life its always so black and white. In the end many many cultures are more open about their sexuality and perhaps its for the better.

  17. Wow, what horrible people commenting on here. Saying the man deserved to die for cheating, etc. You people don’t know his story, maybe he had an addiction, maybe his wife had intimacy issues, maybe he only stayed with her because he loved his kids so much and yet you judgmental assholes wish him to die? Whatever was his reason for cheating, it usually isn’t a one-sided story, not even close. And even if it was all his fault, the man certainly didn’t deserve to die nor did his kids deserve their father taKen fron them. You people are horrible and if karma truly exists, just for your self-righteous judgment you yourselves would deserve death or at least infidelity in your marriages. I couldn’t imagine a sane man wanting to stay with such horrible callused self-righteous bitches anyway.

  18. Melina Reilly // August 23, 2015 at 5:28 pm // Reply

    I was married for 11 years. To the best of my knowledge, my husband never cheated on me. But he did some extremely cruel things that I’ve never forgotten. We divorced over 15 years ago and he died of cancer six years ago. To this day, I can honestly say that I had rather he cheated then been cruel.

  19. @ Taylor, wow, am speechless you are sick to think that this guy killing himself is good. Sure it is low to cheat on your wife but to think that it is good that this silly fool killed himself is good. You are a very sick individual. I feel sorry for u.

  20. wow they man haters are out in force here. Might remind you that usually there is also a woman on the other side of this equation. Usually!

  21. Jeanne Roland // August 24, 2015 at 12:40 pm // Reply

    What a shitty little note to leave a spouse and children with. Thanks for “making it easy” for your kids, you turd.

  22. wow. i’m.. i have to say i’m a little shocked at the hatred and utter inhumanity i’m reading here. i don’t know this site, or the kind of people or frequent it, but as a cross-section of society.. i’m shocked.

    the lack of empathy, the bizarre equating of cheating with suicide in terms of actions and consequences… the deep, deep hurt so many people must be feeling to be so callous and heartless, truly in-human, in a situation like this.

    i think there is really something wrong with people’s psychology today. we, at least in america, have obviously allowed far too much violence and depravity into our television, movies and games; it has infected and inured our society. and combined with some almost evil self-absorption, reflexive, myopic character traits that are increasingly manifested in young people today, twisted by the out of balance focus on self the internet and attendant social media provide…. we are in for a pretty ugly century. sorry humanity, we tried.

    put down the smartphone. read a book. take a walk in the woods. stop talking and start listening. fucking get a fucking grip.


  23. BooHooCryMeaRiver // August 28, 2015 at 5:59 am // Reply

    The fact that he chose to take his life rather than face the consequences of his infidelity shows he a coward as well as a cheat. But by all means beat your chest and lash out on behalf of this garbage who probably only had his “American Dream” because he married the boss’s daughter. Who, when busted, realizes he couldn’t have that cake and eat it too. So he slips peacefully into the great beyond, leaving his family to pick up the pieces of his f*ck up and escaping any discomfort martially or financially.
    This guy was a “Grade A” asshole til the end. Good riddance.

  24. If he was going to kill himself over getting caught cheating, perhaps he shouldn’t have cheated. Then again, I’m rational. I wouldn’t even consider entering into a marriage if I didn’t have enough respect to keep my vows. I certainly wouldn’t be unfaithful if I vowed to be faithful.

    I also don’t think it’s right to blame the HACK for the decisions a person makes. He has only himself to blame, because his own actions led to his death-ALL of them. It’s not like he couldn’t have gotten caught with or without this hack. I cannot understand the defense of this guy-saying things like ONE mistake this guy made MANY mistakes, not just one. Many people are known for rotten mistakes, that’s how the world is. The only person this doesn’t do MORE damage to is Josh Duggar in terms of members. Also for those of you arguing curiosity for the membership, there should be NONE if you’re MARRIED. It’s not supposed to be like an “official boyfriend/girlfriend relationship” with the white dress and party that goes along with it, sheesh.

    Anyways, I’m not religious and I’m under no obligation to NOT judge. I don’t feel sorry for the guy who killed himself because he got caught cheating. Double face palm for having NO cognizance on how to handle life’s real problems!!!

    • All skeletons are not equal. There are lots of unsolved murders, so I assume some people have murder as their skeleton, while others stole candy when they were kids or left work early a few times. That whole “we all have skeletons” argument is so weak and stupid, it’s no more than meaningless grasping at straws. Anyone using that argument is an idiot and merits no consideration.

  25. Had any of the gnarly naysayers (who blasted those who disagreed with what this guy did on Ashley Madison) bore the brunt of being misled by men on the DL, they would know the pain of that betrayal. They only have to look to sites like and read thousands of profiles posted by women around the globe, in pain over similar betrayals, then they might be able to see the forest for the trees.

  26. Per Mark’s comment,

    “wow they man haters are out in force here. Might remind you that usually there is also a woman on the other side of this equation. Usually!”

    You labeling all the women who post negative things about what this guy did as “man haters”? Are you forgetting the women who finally found a decent MALE partner after being abused by several male partners, each time in long-term relationships, then led down the wrong path? Or do you think it not possible for a woman to have experienced several abusers in her life? Stop labeling/projecting .. it makes us think you have something to hide.

  27. Kate Garraway, 48, dresses up in a pair of youthful dungarees with glamorous black heels as steps out for late launch Where’s Wally?

  28. God it must be wonderful to be perfect. Still God will judge these men and the pathetic excuses for human beings who pass judgement on them so readily.

  29. what i cannot understand is how a lewis & clark graduate ended up writing about things like this?

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